Dora Ephraim, Senior Operations Manager

Dora started her career with Imacuclean working in the field. She combines in-depth knowledge and high level cleaning capabilities with passion for her work and extreme pride in ensuring that the job gets done beyond our clients’ anticipation.

Dora has risen through the ranks at Imacuclean to become an intricate part of the Operations team. Her present duties include overseeing operational staff, recruiting new employees, training, and inspecting client premises for safety as well as cleanliness.

Dora takes a hands-on approach and never is afraid to get her hands dirty in the process of providing optimal client satisfaction. She motivates our workers to give their utmost by showing, not telling. Over the years, she has proven to be loyal, and dedicated to go above and beyond her specific job responsibilities. She leads by example.

Her insightful knowledge of the products and services we provide, and her straightforward approach inspire confidence in our clients’ expectations, and inspire strong lines of communication with them.