Flor Morales, Operations Manager

Flor’s initial enrollment with Imacuclean started as a housekeeper in 2010. Her vast learning ability and hard work has played a major role in her promotion of becoming an Operations Manager and an extraordinary one she is. She expresses that this job has been by far her most challenging but she enjoys each challenge and looks forward to extending her career in the hospitality industry.

Flor offers analytical capabilities greatly enhancing Imcauclean’s solution-oriented focus on client requirements. She has a demonstrated record of viewing issues and offering solutions that can only come from someone with extensive hands-on exposure in the hospitality arena.

Flor goes the extra mile to continuously build trust among the clients and co-workers and forming bonds with those who rely on Imcauclean. Her exemplary services have reflected in her attention to detail, as well as, her positive attitude and dedication to each job earning her the respect with her teammates and the clients.

Her ability to relate to her workers while striving to promote Imacuclean has made her a valuable part of the team.

Flor believes and portrays that dedication is key to success.