Marlon Coakley, Vice President of Operations

“There is no project or task I can’t handle…”

Marlon began his career in the hospitality business and has worked in many phases of the hotel industry. This has served him well - equipped with the right tools and knowledge needed to excel in his career and to execute each task.

Marlon started his career at Imacuclean as a cleaner. Within that time, he demonstrated his skills, worth and potential, and that he had a lot more to contribute to the company than just skillful cleaning. His profound knowledge and canniness landed him his first promotion as an Operations Manager and official welcome to the Imacuclean team.

In 2014, Marlon once again surpassed his expectations and was promoted to Director of Operations. He has since validated his obligation, loyalty and dedication to the company, earning him his current position as Vice President of Operations.

Today, Marlon devotes considerable time observing, coaching, guiding, supporting and encouraging his Operations team and the workers to ensure that they adhere to Imacuclean’s highest housekeeping standards and guaranteed client's satisfaction. This means “Be Reliable, Be Efficient, Be Courteous” – qualities that define Marlon’s philosophy, and that he is diligent in instilling in our operating staff.

Marlon’s diverse capabilities in a plethora of services that Imacuclean offers include those of our sister companies, ChildProof America (CPA) and Sprucing It Up (SIP). This facilitates the Company’s ability to broaden the array of services we provide to our clients at the level they have come to expect. By now, it is established that Marlon is a jack of all trades but, in his case, a master of many.

Commitment, responsibility, craftsmanship, and performance make Marlon a significant asset to Imacuclean, and to the projects to which he is assigned.

This is the Imacuclean way!