Stephanie Aponte, Operations Manager

Stephanie Aponte is one of the newest additions to Imacuclean’s Operations team.  Born of Puerto Rican descent, Stephanie has lived in New York most of her life.  She considers herself and loves being called “A New Yorker”.  Apart from her love and dedication to her job, Stephanie enjoys spending quality time with her family and experimenting with artwork - from pottery to woodwork to even crochet and knitting in her spare-time.

Stephanie brings to Imacuclean over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry.  She proudly admits to being grateful for all that she have learned and accomplished during those years.  Her enduring career has enabled her to establish a pre-eminent reputation within the hospitality industry which has allowed her to undertake many leadership roles - from Front Desk Manager to Head of Housekeeping. Those opportunities/experiences have conditioned her in her current role as Operations Manager and allowing her to utilize the proper resources that is needed to achieve excellence.

In coordination with the entire Operations team, Stephanie’s day-to-day responsibilities are to ensure that the performance, productivity, and efficiency of the employees are up to company’s standard within the workplace, and that the satisfaction of each client are met accordingly. 

“Ms. Fix It”,as she is often called, has been successful in her duties due to her strong analytical, problem-solving and reasoning skills and her ability to coordinate multiple tasks and exercise sound independent judgment.  She efficiently completes every assignment that she is delegated.

Stephanie intends to grow with Imacuclean and continue on the path of aiming to strive for excellence and higher standards.