Zita Marshall, Operations Manager

Zita is a mother of two, who originated from the Caribbean with connections to the Islands of Barbados and Saint Lucia. This explains her diverse and receptive personality. Migrated to the U.S. approximately 27 years ago has allowed her to experience and adapt to different customs.

With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, she managed to gain exceptional managerial and customer service skills with both front and back of the house. Previously joining Imacuclean she has worked in hotels on a managerial level such as The Fairmont Hotel and Astra Crown Plaza in New Orleans. Her vast knowledge and work ethic in the hospitality arena has led her to attain multiple careers and further exercise her expertise at other hotels such as The Wilmington and Brandywine Courtyards Marriott in Delaware. In addition, Zita’s employment history has extended from working at The Gem Hotel Hudson Yard and Quality Inn Convention Center in NYC.

Throughout her career, Zita has managed to acquire a certificate in Business Management and is currently furthering her education at The Stratford Institute.

Zita enjoys her career and becoming one of the newest additions to the Imacuclean family. Her knowledge and distinguishable background in the hospitality industry allows her to demonstrate her excellent communication skills with our clientele and workers.

Zita expresses her excitement and looks forward to broadening her horizons by remaining receptive to new ideas in the hopes of extending what she has learned in and off the field and to enforce and uphold the highest housekeeping standards to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

Zita believes and portrays that dedication is the key to success.