“Put yourself on the sidewalk anywhere in New York City. If we could clean behind every window you can see, we can make a living. Now move over a block and do the same thing.”

The value of office space in New York is almost identical to that of apartment buildings, and each represents less than ¼ of the total market. There is over one billion square feet of commercial space, and almost 40% consists of offices.

That’s a lot of cleaning. Imacuclean is prepared to do its share. As with all our services, Imacuclean tailors cleaning your office to meet your needs, in terms of both timing and service provided. While most clients prefer that their offices be cleaned on an after-hours basis, there also are many circumstances where at lease some of our services are provided during working hours–we are happy to accommodate you either way. This also applies to whether you require us daily, weekly, or any other frequency. we can send a single person or a large crew, and can fluctuate the crew size, depending on your varying needs.

Our objective is to keep your work environment fresh and clean. Some of the services we typically perform include:

Sweeping and mopping floors
Trash removal
Bathroom maintenance
Kitchen maintenance
Furniture polishing

Our supervisory staff will visit you premises on an ongoing, but unannounced basis to observe our staff in an ongoing effort to maintenance the highest possible level of service.

We also provide specialized services that are required less frequently, including:

High dusting
Carpet shampooing
Floor stripping and polishing
Metal surfaces (e.g: bronze, brass, etc)

And…Yes we do windows!