Starting from scratch in 2008, hospitality has grown to become our most significant business sector. We provide service to your hotel 365 days a year.

Whether you need housekeeping, back of the house, or both, we are available 24 hours a day to ensure maintenance efficiency and consistency.

Our housekeeping services include:

Housekeeping Attendant: Our housekeepers have diversified capabilities and responsibilities to make each of your guests feel special and welcome. We clean and stock your rooms to ensure a comfortable stay. On a daily basis, the quality of their work, their friendly attitude and their spirit of accommodation enhance the appearance and reputation of your hotel.

Breakfast Attendant: The breakfast attendant is responsible for cleaning the buffet area and keeping it orderly, stocking supplies needed for the buffet, including dishes and silverware, and being cordial and responsive to guest requested.

Houseman Attendant: Our housemen perform all the behind the scenes maintenance to ensure that both hotel rooms and ancillary facilities are clean and properly functioning, ensuring clean and comfortable facilities throughout your hotel.

Room Inspector: Our inspectors use a checklist, tailored to the requirement of each of our clients. This allows us to monitor the performance of each of our housekeepers, with an ongoing view to constant improvement in even the smallest details. We pay particular attention when initiating new attendants into our system, however, we inspect rooms on an ongoing basis of even our most seasoned cleaning personnel.

We recognize that hotels are rated by your guests on the full menu of your services, including those which fall under our purview:
  • Room cleanliness
  • Stocking of supplies
  • Friendliness and helpfulness of staff.

The relationship between our staff and your own always should be seamless, and invisible to your guests. Our inspectors review customer complaints, supervise our cleaning personnel on an ongoing basis, and even follow up on occupancy records.

Laundry Attendant: An essential part of hotel service is ensuring that the cleanliness of all linens is maintained to the most stringent standards. This is a key factor in your ability to achieve a high percentage of repeat business, and it is why we view the laundry attendant as a key position.

Turndown Attendant: It may appear to be a simpler matter, but the appearance of their room when your guests return at the end of a wearying day makes a lasting impression. Turndown may not be time consuming but we view attention to detail to be the key to our responsibilities in every respect.

Night Service: This comprises all back of the house areas, including: lobbies, offices, and hallways; restaurants, bars, and kitchens; gyms, clubs, and spas; etc. Depending on how extensive your facilities are, this can vary from an extra shift for the houseman, to a full size crew on a nightly basis to which we assign a working Crew Chief.

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