HR Team

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Stacy Alleyne-ClarkeOffice Manager/Human Resources Coordinator

Stacy’s childhood dream was to become a Flight Attendant. As she matured, so did her aspirations! This led her to pursue an exciting and enjoyable career in Customer Service, to which she has devoted the last seven years at Imacuclean.

Prior to that, she did field work for the Company. Stacy recognizes that her initial hands-on experience has granted her first-hand knowledge of client needs and expectations.Customer Service is an integral part of Imacuclean’s value proposition. As Director of Customer Relations, she has acted as a liaison between the client and the Company to ensure that all lines of communication remain open. To maintain the reputation and viability of Imacuclean, Stacy has implemented six competencies: great interpersonal, communication and listening skills, problem analysis and solving and initiative.

Stacy brings her creativity to Imacuclean’s marketing activities, both internally and externally. She manages the Company’s annual and special events, each time seeking and succeeding in outdoing the previous occasion. Stacy has spearheaded the complete revamping of our Website and is broadening both her own and Imacuclean’s horizons in the area of social media.

Stacy is extremely passionate about her work and takes great pride in carrying out and completing her assignments.“Customer service – whether that means selling shoes or fixing phones – is an intrinsically rewarding profession.

”Stacy strives to build trust and a strong long-term relationship with each of her customers.

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