New Residential Construction

The quicker the sellout, the more successful the project.

Sales office post-construction — 

As the build-out of the sales office winds downs, we send in crews–sometimes large ones–for a post-construction clean up. We schedule according to progress on the punch list until construction is complete. Our service encompasses every variety of cleaning, including windows inside and out, carpets and hard surface floors, inside all cabinets, closets and appliances, thorough sanitization of all bathroom fixtures, etc.

At Imacuclean we are well aware that we need to be flexible with regard to the “post” in post-construction. We adjust our schedule in terms of both timing and personnel to meet your (or your client’s) needs.

Sale office ongoing maintenance — 

We recognize the fundamental need for an immaculate appearance at all times to support marketing activities, also taking into account that there generally is considerable sales traffic on weekends.

We can meet whatever your schedule requires, whether it is only one person three times a week to a four-person–or more–crew seven days a week.

Open house preparation — 

As the building nears completion, we ensure that all accessible areas are properly cleaned–the outside entrance (including metal, wood and glass surfaces), lobby, elevator(s), stairways, hallways on floors where units are going to be shown and, of course, the open house units themselves.

Unit completion —

Following sign-off on the punch list for each residential unit, we do a thorough cleaning, lock the door, and give the keys to you or to the developer.

Turnover —

We do a final cleaning of each unit, including windows, while the closing is taking place. We leave the premises just minutes before the tenants put their key into the lock of their absolutely immaculate, totally new home.

Ongoing — 

We offer ongoing regular cleaning service to individual unit holders on a group rate discounted basis. Our staff wear uniforms that identify them as both Imacuclean workers and, where appropriate, with the name of the building as well.

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