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Maurice Granville – Assistant Director of Operations

Maurice Granville has been a Brooklyn native for over 27 years. He grew up with his four sisters but later moved to New Jersey in his adult life. Maurice enjoys the wintery frigid weather and admits his eagerness and anticipation to visit the Rocky Mountains at least once for the season.

Maurice comes with over 20 years in the workforce field. Eight of those years he fulfilled his duties maintaining commercial properties which led him to become more inquisitive to learn the full mechanics of hospitality and its hectic industry. During those years, his knowledge and passion grew rapidly, giving him the proper tools to pursue a career in the world of hospitality.

Maurice joined Imacuclean Operations team in March of 2014. This opportunity allowed him to further explore his ability, knowledge and skills. Within his short inception with the company, Maurice continues to prove his capabilities surpassing the test time after time. In July of 2015, Maurice’s hard work and diligence finally paid off earning him a promotion as the company’s first Assistant Operations Manager.

His positive attitude to each assignment and distinct perspective to client challenges has earned him the respect of his co-workers and clients. His knowledge and outgoing personality has benefited him tremendously allowing him to exceed each assignment.

Maurice continues to bond and build trust with the clients and workers. His impeccable and proficient housekeeping skills have shown in his attention to detail and has allowed him to focus completely on the client requirements.

Maurice’s ability to interact with clients while striving to promote Imacuclean has made him a valuable part of the team.

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